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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Baggage & Personal Belongings

Is my luggage covered?

Yes, cover is provided if your luggage is stolen, accidentally damaged or permanently lost but, you must take all reasonable steps to protect your luggage when travelling, including making sure that you do not leave it unattended. If you don't take such reasonable steps, we may not pay your travel insurance claim.

Can I purchase a policy for specified items only, with no other cover?

No, you must take our Premier policy and then add the specified item/s to the policy.

Are liquid items such as perfume and make up covered if they are confiscated by customs or airport officials?

No, confiscation by customs or airport officials is excluded.

Working overseas

Am I covered if I'm working overseas?

Yes, both our Essentials and Premier policies cover you for working holidays as long as your employment does not include manual or hazardous work.


Are my children travelling with me covered?

Dependent children under 21 years of age or grandchildren under 21 years of age plus up to one other non-related dependent child under 21 years of age travelling with an insured person are covered free of charge. Their policy benefits will be shared within the travelling insured person’s policy limits.

Do I need to put by dependent children on the policy certificate?

Yes, please include your children in your booking online. As soon as you put their date of birth in, the system recognises they are not to be charged an individual premium.


Why do I have to choose a region for travel insurance?

Each region is priced differently to ensure we can offer you the most competitive price. The regions are:
Plan A Australia
Plan B Pacific Islands, Norfolk Islands, Bali
Plan C UK, South Africa, Asia
Plan D Europe, Africa, Middle East
Plan E Worldwide (including USA, Canada, Central and South America)

When you take out travel insurance for a region, you're automatically covered for any lower priced destinations. So, for example, a Worldwide policy covers you for anywhere in the world (Regions A-D), while a Europe policy also covers you for South Africa, the Pacific Islands and Australia.

We understand that international travel often involves stopovers, so you're also covered for a stopover of up to six days at any destination in a higher region than your main region. If you are staying more than six days, you will need to select the higher region for policy pricing.

Which region should I choose?

If you are travelling to the USA, Hawaii, Canada, South or Central America - select Region E.

If you are travelling only to Europe (excluding the UK), Africa (excluding South Africa) or the Middle East - select Region D.

If you are travelling only to the UK, Asia or South Africa - select Region C.

If you are travelling to the South West Pacific Islands, Bali or Norfolk Island - select Region B

If you are travelling to Australia - select Region A.

When does my cover start?

As soon as your payment is confirmed on our website and you have your confirmation email and Certificate of Insurance - you're covered!

Can I take out a policy if I am already overseas?

No, you must purchase travel insurance policy before you leave New Zealand.

Can I buy travel insurance from you if I’m 79 years or older?

Cover is available for travellers aged 71 years and over under the Premier policy only. Only travellers 70 and under can buy Essentials or the Premier travel insurance as well as the Frequent Traveller policy.

Can I get any refund on my insurance if I return earlier than planned?

No, premiums can only be refunded if you cancel within the first 14 days (the Cooling Off Period) provided you have not started your journey and you do not want to make a claim or to exercise any other right under the policy.

How do I make a travel insurance claim?

Please check the Claims section of our website for full details.

What is an excess?

An excess is an amount of money that will be deducted from your settlement if you make a claim (unless a higher excess has been imposed on your cover by us and confirmed to you in writing). The excess applies to each separate event giving rise to a claim.

There will be no excess charged if you have purchased and paid the additional premium for a No Excess policy.

What dates should I enter as my 'start date‘ and 'end date' for my policy?

Your 'start date’ must be the date that you depart New Zealand and your 'end date’ is the date you return to New Zealand. Please note our policies only cover return travel to and from New Zealand.

How many days can I travel under the Frequent Traveller policy?

Our Frequent Traveller policy provides cover for an unlimited number of journeys overseas, each no longer than 60 days, over a 12 month period.

Do I buy your travel insurance if I’m travelling one way and not returning to New Zealand?

No, we do not sell travel insurance for one-way journeys. If you are not returning to New Zealand we recommend you consider NZ Travel Insurance policies at www.statravel.co.nz

Do I have to be a resident of New Zealand to purchase New Zealand Travel Insurance policies?

To be eligible to buy our policies, you must be:

  • A New Zealand citizen or permanent resident; or
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident who resides in New Zealand; or
  • On a work permit which allows for a continuous stay of at least two years in New Zealand.

You are not eligible for this policy if you:

  • Do not intend to return to New Zealand on the completion of your overseas travel; or
  • Are travelling overseas with the intention of obtaining medical or dental treatment, cosmetic surgery or related advice;
  • Have been advised by a registered medical practitioner that you are not fit to travel; or
  • Have already departed New Zealand.
Do I need insurance when travelling to Australia?

Although you may think travelling to Australia is low risk or you are covered completely by reciprocal agreements, this is not necessarily the case. Only Public Hospital care is ‘free’ and even then ambulance charges can be up to $950 AUD in the Gold Coast, plus if you need to visit a GP, this is about $70! As well as medical expenses, you are also covered under our policies for travel delays, your baggage and the costs to get home if there was serious injury or death to a family member in New Zealand (up to maximum benefits allowed as per our policy limits – see the Policy Disclosure Details for full details).


How do I know if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

If you're obtaining a quote online, answering 'Yes' to 'Pre-existing medical conditions' and you will need to complete our online self-assessment.

You can also get more information on our Pre-existing Medical Conditions page or in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Can my pre-existing medical condition be covered?

Some pre-existing medical conditions are automatically covered at no extra cost, while cover for other conditions may be available for an additional premium.

You can check if your pre-existing medical condition is covered, and whether an extra premium applies, by reading more information on our Pre-existing Medical Conditions page, within the Product Disclosure Statement or by completing our self-assessment when you are applying for your travel insurance policy online.

Rental vehicle & other transport

Does your policy cover me for any rental vehicle excess I might have to pay?

Our Premier and Frequent Traveller policies do cover you for the insurance excess you are required to pay as a result of loss or damage to a rental vehicle you have hired, up to the $6000, providing you are the driver and you have observed local driving rules and regulations. Check out the Policy Disclosure Statement for full details. There is no cover under our Essentials policy.

Country Plan (Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, Plan E, Plan F)

What countries/destinations are in each of the country plans?

Click Here to view the countries under each plan in a table or a map.

NZ travel insurance is issued and managed by AWP Services New Zealand Limited trading as Allianz Partners and underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited ABN 15 000 122 850 (Incorporated in Australia) trading as Allianz New Zealand. You should consider the Policy Wording before making any decisions about this travel insurance policy.

For further information on Allianz Australia Insurance Limited's financial strength rating, please refer to the following Financial Strength Rating and Overseas Policy Holder Preference Disclosure Notice on our homepage.

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